the end of nablopomo

It’s the end of November! I pretty much managed to post every day, except for a few that I missed, and I’m pumped! Nablopomo totally got me back into blogging. And I discovered some new blogs from fellow participants that I look forward to continuing reading.

So can I just say– what a week. I actually left work an hour and a half early today, due to the slowness of work-flow that we are dealing with, and let me tell you: the beginning of my weekend could not start soon enough! It was one of those glance at the clock every minute, thinking hours have gone by, kind of weeks. But now, the weekend!

I think I mentioned a thousand times this month about my job hunt, and I am excited to say that I finally have an interview coming up next week… it might not come to anything, but the fact that I was not overlooked is really encouraging right now. So I’m super-grateful about that.

I’m allllmost done reading The Sweet Far Thing and nothing new has come in for me at the library so… that means it’s almost Days of Blood & Starlight time!! Eek! Also my mum is reading The Night Circus right now, and she is loving it too. So, you should totally read it also.

Some of my christmas shopping is done! I wrapped two gifts for Himself already. That’s it, but still it feels like a start, so that’s something. We’re planning to go out on Sunday since he has the day off, and hopefully I can pick up a few more things.

It’s still snowing today, but the weather forecast is saying we might be in for a warm spurt again, and it could turn to rain… which is kind of sad since I’m enjoying the pretty snow. Maybe it’ll stick around.

That’s all for now- I’m off to watch an episode of Young Apprentice and snuggle under some blankets!


4 thoughts on “the end of nablopomo

  1. I can’t believe it’s snowing where you are! Bundle up for sure! Great post. : ) I’ve never participated in Nano anything.

    PS. I’m obsessed with birds so I love your blog name. :)

    • birds are awesome!! I had a thing for owls last year, but it got out of control (people bought me everything that had owls on it, ugly or not) and so I’ve declared that my new animal is the squid. You know, to make it harder to find themed-merchandise.
      xo leanna

  2. Haha perfection. The poor girl that my cousin is dating has your same problem. She told us how obsessed she was with sea turtles so that’s all she ever ever ever gets. BAH. I am going to try to find her something else this year for the holidays. : )

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