welcome to december!

december: cosy
It’s here! Happy first day of December, the best month of the year. Countdown to Christmas: 24 days. Countdown to my birthday: 28 days. The year is coming to a close, and the excitement of a fresh one is near. Have you done everything you wanted to this year? I haven’t nearly! But I’ve still enjoyed it, and all of the to-dos that never made it in 2012 can roll over to the new year.
Mostly, I love December because of slippers, drinking large mugs of tea with great books in hand, driving around at night and looking at people’s lights, wearing hats and mittens.
I started Days of Blood and Starlight TODAY! It’s amazing already. I had to put it down so I wouldn’t rush through it. I think I’ll suggest a movie night when Himself gets home in a few minutes, and save the book for later. You just can’t rush wonderful books!
I also got an email this morning from Chapters offering me bonus points for any purchase I make during my birthday month. Aww, Chapters… how can you get any sweeter to this almost-30-year old? (Haha I keep mentioning my age so as to get used to it… I need more time! More time!!)
Anyways, I took two photos of the snow outside because the next couple of days are supposed to warm up enough that we get rain. I’ll post the pictures later on, if they turned out nice enough.
(ps: I apologize for the weird formatting… I tried to put line spaces between my paragraphs, but for some reason after pasting the image from polyvore, WordPress doesn’t read line spaces. I’m not enough of  an html genius to understand what is causing that.)

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