currently {episode 5}

Hi! In this first week of December, here’s what I’m currently up to…

{making} up a christmas and birthday wishlist on pinterest. I love wishing for things! And what I love even more is opening a gift and getting something you weren’t even expecting, that turns out to be better than what you wished for yourself. Like many others, my Style pinboard is huge, and I always pin things with the wish that I’d magically have all of the outfits to wear.

{thinking} about my job interview, which was today. I feel like it went well!! But I really really don’t want to jinx it. My lips are sealed until later in the week when I get the news. There’s still one more interview to get through if I do hear good news this week, but I know I’ll be totally preoccupied until I hear back. Ever try not to think about something? It’s tough.

{loving} Days of Blood and Starlight! It’s good news: book two is not a disappointment! I’m only on page 80-something, but it’s looking like this will be a satisfying read. Which is why I’m taking my time, to better enjoy it.

{cooking} amazing grilled cheeses made with thick farmer’s bread and gouda. Gouda melts crazy-well, did you know? I usually use cheddar or mozzarella, but I bought the gouda for a change, and was in love with the result. Himself ate two (with bacon added), so they must have been good!

{dreaming} of cats. Well, last night I dreamt that we rescued like 20 cats from this flood… they were adorable and magically all got along with Leela and Inara. That was a night-dream, which I don’t usually have any control over. In day-dream times, I’m dreaming about christmas with our families, yummy baking, and time off from work.

Here’s a link-up to other currentlys… what are you up to?


6 thoughts on “currently {episode 5}

    • I know, it sounds so fancy! haha but I was just browsing the cheese at the grocery store.

      Thanks so much for the good wishes on the job hunt!!

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