Somehow, between the years 2001 and now, I missed out on viewing the last 4 Harry Potter movies. Seriously! How could I have? I started reading the books with my youngest brother when he was about ten- or, Harry’s age at the beginning of the first book. I remember reading at least up until Order of the Phoenix, and I think I’ve seen the first four movies, but all of a sudden I had a hankering to watch the others. All one after the other.

Hogwarts Marathon! 

All of the movies together would take about a day to watch (just under 20 hours I believe). So I only got the first one done today, but will be working on the second and maybe third tomorrow. If all goes well (meaning: if not all of my favourite characters die… and I’ve already heard spoilers about at least one of them) I might have to read the last several books as well.

Once I finish what I’m currently reading, the book that came in from the library this week is calling me. It’s The Snow Child, and if nothing else it has a sweet illustration of a fox on the cover. Aw, foxy. It was on a Goodreads list of books that are “like” The Night Circus, which loosely means others who have read and highly rated The Night Circus have also read and highly rated this book. I can’t get too excited and assume there will be lavish descriptions of circus food. (The chocolate mice!!) What I can expect, from the cover blurb and a few reviews, is some crying. But I’m not one to shy away from a good book-cry. 



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