currently {episode 6}

I can hardly believe it’s a new week already, and only 2 more ’til Christmas! Here’s what I’m currently…

{reading} The Snow Child. I’m not very far into it, but it’s really a perfect winter book so far. It takes place in Alaska in the 1920s, and I’m totally feeling their chilly weather. Our snow is gone for the time being, but the temperatures are still quite cold. Reading that they only get 6 hours of daylight in November makes me cringe, though… I’ve seen breathtaking photos of Alaska, but 6 hours is not nearly enough for a day. Can you imagine?

{listening to} a mixture of Fleet Foxes and The Ting Tings. I know; it might be the oddest combination ever, but sometimes I make mixed cds and don’t like to have all of the same thing on one cd. Do you do that? The Tings Tings remind me that I watched the movie Horrible Bosses last night with Himself, and there is a scene where one guy is in a car for a stake-out, bopping along to That’s Not My Name… (watch the clip here).

{hating} the wait until approximately 2014 (expected publication date) before the next Daughter of Smoke and Bone book.  While I do understand the writing/publishing process, I also selfishly wish it could happen instantaneously so fans would not have to wait two years between books. But never fear, wait I will.

{laughing} at Fred & Carrie from Portlandia, who guest-voiced on The Simpsons!! Though they disappointingly didn’t tell anyone to “put a bird on it“, the episode was awesome. Plus, I totally wanted to live in the new, hip Springfield. Haha.

{ignoring} the butterflies in my stomach about today’s follow-up job interview. I have to wait until Wednesday for feedback, so… here’s hoping!

(ps- anyone wondering about the Harry Potter movie marathon, I’ve just finished Goblet of Fire, which is the 4th. The rest are all new to me, and I’m preeetty excited!)


2 thoughts on “currently {episode 6}

  1. i love the ting tings! i get “shut up and let me go” stuck in my head at least once a week. (try not to analyze that statment too deeply lol.) and congrats on the job! i really really am hoping that it will be great for you! Xx

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