currently {episode 7}

It’s a pre-Christmas currently blog post! I’m crazy-excited for Christmas AND my birthday next week… but we don’t have any snow right now. I’d love for the weekend forecast to come true, so we can have a white Christmas!

I am currently…

{wearing} leggings, a stretchy black tank-top, and a cosy blanket. I am just about to get in some quality snuggle-reading time, and that is the best comfy outfit!

{playing} cook – I actually made a lasagna this week! Come on– who am I?! It was delish, too – layers of cheese, mushrooms, and green peppers with mozzarella bubbly and melty on top. Mmmm…

{baking} not much. I haven’t baked yet for the holidays. But yesterday at work, someone mentioned rice krispie squares, which are easy enough to make, and suuuuper yum. I could even get those red and green rice krispies, and put peppermint choc chips in.

{making} a mental list of all of the to-dos before Christmas is actually here. My mental lists soon turn to pen and paper ones, because it stresses me out to feel the pressure to remember things. Wrapping some stocking stuffers is my next task.

{singing} I Love The Winter Weather. I don’t like cheesy carols (Santa Baby, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus), which partly comes from having worked retail at Christmas and over-hearing those tunes, and partly I just don’t like them, haha. But when I worked at Green Earth, we had some great music, and one Christmas CD had Ella Fitzgerald singing this song… and it sort of plays in my head around the holidays. The version I linked to is Tony Bennett – enjoy!

What are you up to this week?


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