countdown to christmas: 3 days!



Some photos from this weekend – our christmas cards are hung up on some of our doors; we finally have some snow out on the balcony (hoping it sticks til Christmas day!); our flower-lamp gives a festive light; my newest owl – a christmas statuette from a friend (thinking of bringing that to my New Work Desk in January!!); Inara-cat perching on the kitty-tower.

Yesterday I placed an order online for a phone-charging station- a sort of compartmentalized container for keeping your cell phones, keys, and other stuff to grab on your way out the door. Minutes later, I received a phone call saying the item was no longer available… boo. Online shopping is supposed to be easy! 

I’m also really tempted to purchase the kobo mini e-reader since it’s on sale ’til tomorrow for only $50! It would be a pre-birthday gift from me to me. 

And I’m planning to finish up Entwined (that’s a link to the book trailer; watch it, if only to see the awesome use of the cliched phrase “… or is it?” hahaha…) sometime this weekend. It’s a re-telling/re-imagining of the Twelve Dancing Princesses fairytale. It’s a nostalgia thing- when I was younger I did the princess-fairy-tale obsessed thing… and this book is letting me revisit that love. I’m actually really enjoying it so far.

Hope your own Christmas-countdown is going well!

ps- exactly one more week “in my twenties”. gah.


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