currently: {episode 8}

Merry Christmas!! Hope yours was wonderful- ours certainly was… Himself and I had a chance to spend time with both sets of parents, as well as each other (I love Christmas mornings at home, just the two of us!). Tomorrow’s my birthday! And I only have 3 working days left at my Old Job… it’s certainly a time of change and growth.

Currently, I am…

{obsessing} over 2013 and all of the exciting changes it brings. I’ll be starting off my thirties… starting a new (happy) job… and who knows what else! I am so thankful for 2012 and the opportunities it has brought. I have bright thoughts for the coming year, and I can’t wait to start fresh in January (anyone else think of the new year like that? A fresh new open-ended slot of time?)

{looking} for more books as good as the few I’ve just read. I seem to be in a tear-jerker mood, and The Language of Flowers, which I just read yesterday, as well as Vaclav & Lena and The Snow Child all fit that bill. However, they were also all incredibly uplifting as well as devastating. I highly recommend all three. (I haven’t posted reviews for them because I wasn’t able to effectively review them – they were too incredible. You just have to read them for yourself!) I’d love any recommendations for similar stories.

{improving} my diet, I hope. Since getting married, I’ve definitely put on some newlywed pounds, which I would dearly love to see the end of, haha. I’m trying to be more conscious about my food selections… which in turn will hopefully improve my overall well-being!

{learning} that turning 30 isn’t as big a deal as people say it is. My coworkers kindly suggested I was turning 25 this year, which even if they’re lying, still makes a gal feel good! I’ve never had a birthday where I woke up and “felt older”, but I feel like this one will have a bit of an aura of excitement, if only for the newness it brings. I’m always forgetting what age I am right after my birthday, but I have a feeling I won’t forget this time!!

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