book review: crewel

Crewel (Crewel World, #1)Crewel by Gennifer Albin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Talk about a cliffhanger ending! This book was pretty fantastic, but I can’t believe it ended right at such an exciting moment.

The world that Gennifer Albin created was so interesting and so unique. The descriptions of the weave brought to mind descriptions I’ve read of string-theory. And although parts of the weaving process remain a mystery to me (I found it difficult to imagine certain things, especially exactly how the layered worlds existed, and how precisely Adelice could “weave a moment” into a new timeline) the entire thing was so fascinating that I don’t have any complaints about it. I look forward to more explanations and details in the following book(s)!

For some reason, elements of this story reminded me of another favourite: The Hunger Games. It was the strong heroine, with a younger sister she desperately needed to protect, and the collective agency of adults trying to prevent her from succeeding. The similarities end there, however, since this story is about Adelice coming to terms with her talent as a Creweler – one of the most important people in the Spinsters Guild.

Adelice, after being removed from her family, is moved to live in the Coventry as a Spinster – someone who can weave the fabric of time and space. But she discovers the truth about her world, Arras, with the help of the current Creweler: Loricel. That revelation (view spoiler)[(that Arras is actually somewhat of an illusion, woven from raw materials of time & space from Earth) (hide spoiler)] was really an interesting one. Originally I assumed that Arras was either entirely independent from Earth, or it was actually the Earth in the far-future, once science had evolved to allow the manipulation of space-time.

Anyways, the rest of the story unfolded with a bit of romance, and mysterious pasts, and kept me glued to the pages for the most part. My only complaint would be that I was left with many questions at the end, and also left a bit unsatisfied with (view spoiler)[how Adelice, Erik, and Jost were so easily able to escape. (hide spoiler)] I can tell that in the next book, the story will expand into new territory (literally) and I hope we will learn more about the history and development of weaving.

PS, can I also say- this cover (I have the hardcover edition) had me mesmerized. I don’t want to put this on a bookshelf, I want to leave it out as something pretty to look at!! I saw a picture of a different cover, with Adelice’s face and no green/purply time-strand background… and this one is way, way better suited to the story!!

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