happy new year!


There’s nothing like a bright, shiny new year to bring things into perspective. I’m not a huge goal-setter, but I do like the idea of choosing a theme for the new year. My 2013 theme will be: simplify

I will give conscious thought to simplifying my everyday life. I’m really inspired already by all of the great new year themed blog posts I’ve read… in particular I stumbled across this gem: your best year possible, by the Organic Sister… I downloaded the free e-course Tara offers, and am glad to discover her affirming philosophy that it is possible to thrive, rather than merely survive. Too often I find myself wondering: is this it? during monotonous workdays, errand-running, etc. I intend to make an effort this year to live a life that I want, rather than just what I expect.

Countdown to new job: 2 more working days, and 2 weekend days. That’s right- Monday is the New Start!! Woohoo! I can’t say how excited, nervous, and grateful I am. 

Be back tomorrow with this year’s first Currently!



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