currently: {episode 9}

Hi there! I’ve been reading up a storm this week… 6 books came in at the library for me, and they’re all high on my to-be-read list. Right now I’m reading Eve & Adam by Michael Grant (of GONE fame!) and Katherine Applegate. It’s a really, really quick read, and quite gripping so far!

So, other than that- I am currently…

{wishing} that I could fit like an extra three to four hours in my day. Seriously, I’d love the time.

{thinking} about whether or not I should leave the house this evening. I could venture out to the mall for a bit… or stay snuggled up with my book. Not sure yet!

{cooking} (ah, what’s with all the cooking prompts!! Mine are always so boring…) Anyways, I’m not currently cooking anything, but I still have to decide what to eat for supper tonight. Hopefully something quick, as hunger seems to set in lightning-fast.

{drinking} orange juice. Himself has been fighting a cough/cold for weeks, and my throat seems to be hinting at something, so I’m trying to stay hydrated with good stuff (i.e. not just coffee).

{working} on this blog post :)

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