book review: wake

Wake (Watersong, #1)Wake by Amanda Hocking

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Wake is an enjoyable start to a new series (Watersong). It features Gemma, a swimmer, who unwittingly gets involved in an age-old curse when she follows a mysterious, enchanting song out to a cove at night… and encounters three oddly beautiful girls; girls who have more of a secret than anyone suspects.

Gemma was a plucky heroine, but I empathized more with her older sister, Harper. Being the oldest child myself, I understood Harper’s mothering side, the need she had to make sure her family was safe, as well as her willingness to put her sister’s needs first, above her own.

Harper was a responsible, smart, and likeable character whom others referred to as ‘boring’, or ‘unadventurous’, but who I like to think was simply practical and trustworthy. The beginning of her relationship with Daniel, the scruffy guy who lives on a boat, was really cute to read. (Favourite lines from the book: Daniel: “This is really great coffee.” Harper: “Thanks. It’s Folgers.”) I found Harper’s side of the story just as interesting as Gemma’s.

The truth behind the three girls, Penn, Thea, and Lexi wasn’t really a surprise (view spoiler)[they’re sirens (hide spoiler)], due to the prologue as well as the fact that the book jacket kind of gives things away. So it wasn’t so much of a mystery, and there weren’t any shocking twists. Despite that, I liked reading the descriptions of Gemma’s transformation, and even reading the mythology surrounding the girls.

The most unbelievable part, to me, was how easily Gemma adapted to her transformation. You’d think a thing like that might leave you speechless for more than a few minutes, but she really seems to take things in stride, much as her own mother (suffering from brain trauma) does, when Gemma tells her the truth. I thought it was unlikely that Gemma would react the same way her brain-damaged mother did (view spoiler)[ “I’m a mermaid! I guess that’s cool, I do like the water, so…” (hide spoiler)]

As for Alex, the geek with the super-ripped muscly body? He was slightly underdeveloped (not physically, obviously, haha) for me. I get that he’s been friends of the family for ages… etc., he apparently spends his days playing video games but somehow has awesome muscles… okay… but I don’t really see the big deal for Gemma. However, I was more interested in Daniel, to be honest :)

Other than that, and suspending my disbelief for the duration of the book, it was a good story. I’ll probably read at least the second book, especially if it’s more of Harper and Daniel’s story.

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