book review: delirium, and my to-reads

Delirium (Delirium, #1)Delirium by Lauren Oliver

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I can’t believe what I just read! I’m so glad I didn’t read this when it first came out, and that I have Pandemonium waiting for me to start, and that Requiem comes out this year, because I can’t get enough of Lena and Alex.

The story started off in a familiar, dystopian way: (Magda)Lena is a girl with a matter of months until she receives The Cure: a surgery that every citizen 18 and older gets, which prevents them from contracting the horrible disease of love. Yes, in this dystopian future (which takes place in the US, so at least I could be hopeful that we Canadians were still allowed to love, ha), love has been categorized as a disease, and everyone is expected to be cured… or else risk living as an outsider (Invalid) in The Wilds.

Lena lost her mother to suicide, so she knows firsthand the terrors that being a sympathizer, a resister, will bring. But when she meets Alex, she learns that almost all of what she was taught to believe is a lie.

All of that is pretty standard ya-dystopian territory. But I was drawn into the story by the lovely writing, and compelling characterization. Lena has an interesting back-story, and I wanted to learn more about her life, and her past. The memories she had of her mother and sister (pre-Cure) were so wonderful that I grew to understand where she was coming from. It was cool to watch her way of thinking develop throughout the book. She had previously never had the opportunity to question the laws and rules she grew up with, but as she learns more she is forced to change that way of thinking.

The relationship between Alex and Lena was really enjoyable, and I thought it was well written. It wasn’t so over-the-top that it became cheesy (no thumbs rubbing anyone’s lips or anything…something which seems to crop up a lot in romantic fiction, but isn’t really all that romantic in real life… or is that just me?), and while Lena did go on a bit about his amber eyes and autumn-toned hair, the rest of it was downplayed and most of the romance simply came from the natural relationship they developed. I liked their joking, conversational tone. I loved when Lena got to see Alex’s home.

I also liked Hana and Lena’s friendship. Loved how they went for runs together, and loved at the end, when (view spoiler)[Lena finally realized that she loved her friend. It was too bad she couldn’t say it before leaving, but that’s the way life is. (hide spoiler)]

There was even a bit of mystery, which I look forward to reading more about: (view spoiler)[whether Lena’s mom escaped successfully, and whether they will finally meet up again!! Gah! I hope so… (hide spoiler)]

The end, well… it killed (me, that is). Like I said, it’s a rough cliffhanger, which is why I’m so excited to start on the second book. Also, I think I’ve seen reviews of Pandemonium which imply that the story is even better, so since I really enjoyed the first book I have high hopes for the second.

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Okay, so I’ve let some of my library pile move to a lower-priority reading status haha… remember The Vespertine? Yeah, that book just isn’t doing anything for me so far, despite the lovely cover and intriguing book blurb. So I snuck in the Lauren Oliver series instead. And then Himself reminded me about another recent release (from October), Breathe, which both of us want to read and which the library just happens to have… so when that comes in, it will probably move up in the list of to-reads.

Also The White Forest, I’ve heard excellent things about this one (including the topic of physics mentioned, so… win!!). I have this on-hold at the library as well. Last week Himself said: Did you know? The library has found a solution to not having enough room for all the new releases in the Young Adult section. I said: Really? What’s that? And he replied: You have them all at home. Haha. It’s true, I love the library.

Speaking of, last week our local library hosted a talk by some amazing local authors, including R.J. Anderson & Terry Griggs. So… I totally got to meet both of them AND got two books signed:

ultraviolet nieve

Ultraviolet I’ve already read, and am eagerly awaiting the sequel to… and Nieve is totally new to me, but sounded awesome (and Ms Griggs was, frankly, hilarious in person and Himself decided to buy me one of her books right then –woohoo!)

PS – both authors were lovely, and knew how to spell my name right off the bat. Take that, rest of the world who mispronounces and misspells my name!! Writers get it right!


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