book review: pandemonium, and my new e-reader!

Pandemonium (Delirium, #2)Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I KNEW IT!!!!!

I knew Alex would be back. You can’t just kill off an Alex.

I enjoyed this book a lot, but not as much as Delirium, because I am (clearly) a huge Alex fan, and Julian was annoying. Julian reminded me too much of a little kid… he was inexperienced with absolutely everything, he was moody, and just… not the right guy for Lena.

So, this book is told in two timelines: Now, which is the present-time when Lena meets Julian and they are kidnapped and have an adventure, and Then- which takes place immediately after the first book, when Lena meets Raven and the rest of the resisters in the Wilds, and has to overcome hunger, cold, and the rest.

I would have preferred to read the timeline straight through, starting with where we left off and ending with the present, but it was only a bit distracting to bump back and forth. Of the two stories, I enjoyed Then better… even though Raven and Tack (view spoiler)[ended up using Lena, which I don’t really forgive them for (hide spoiler)], the people Lena meets up with in the Wilds are stronger, more interesting characters than, well, Julian.

I saw the romance coming, but it still makes me cringe. Julian? Really?? Yikes. He just didn’t do anything for me, and I kept wanting to bash Lena over the head and remind her: ah, hello, there’s still a chance that Alex might be alive. And even if he wasn’t (sniff), there’s got to be somebody a bit more manly than Julian. Anyways.

As I was reading, I kept wondering, hey- when is Alex going to show up? Because that was pretty much the reason I read the second book. So, you will understand my delight at (view spoiler)[the end. It was written really well. You’re all relieved along with Lena, everything’s going to be fine now, she can finally be happy… and then… wait– maybe something seems a little too good about all this. And then Alex walks in. Come on!! That was awesome. (hide spoiler)]

Both Pandemonium and Delirium shared a lovely, descriptive style of narration, which is why I ended up giving them both 4 stars. Pandemonium was teetering around the 3 star mark for a while, and definitely would have stayed there had the ending been any different. However, yaaayy :D !

I am SO PUMPED for the third book!

PS- oh, and I just remembered: Lena’s mom!! Hoping to read more about her in the next book…

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Okay, so clearly I have caught the Lauren Oliver bug. I resisted reading these for so long, not wanting to fall for any “hype”, and then look what happened! Release date of the third book: Requiem, is March 2013. Can we wait that long? Time will tell. Seriously though, you should read these, if you’re crazy like me and haven’t already.

I started reading Hourglass by Myra McEntire, and again: loving it!! I was attracted to the interesting cover at the bookstore, and the library had an e-book copy, so yay!

Speaking of e-books, I finally got a *real* e-reader. By real, I mean, something dedicated to e-reading, and not just something with an e-book app that sometimes doesn’t work. I was going to buy a Kobo mini right before Christmas, as there was a pretty sweet sale. But I didn’t act quickly enough and they’re back to being full-price. This gal loves a good deal! So I saw this Hipstreet 7″ E-Reader on sale for $30, I figured I’d give it a try. That was like, two days ago or something and it’s already here! (Actually, it and an identical twin, which is for Himself). Extremely quick shipping, that was.

It’s quite nice for thirty dollars! I’ve already confirmed that it’s library-download compatible, which is the most important thing for me, since if I’m going to spend money on books, I’m going to get an actual real-life book. I’m thirty, I can be old-fashioned like that. (haha) In Canada, e-books can be pretty pricey- $14.99 – $19.99 for a new(er) release, and hardcover YA books are usually about $20, so… yeah. But anyways, the only downside we discovered is it doesn’t have a zoom (+) function for viewing pdfs. So basically when you open a pdf you see the entire page, portrait-orientation. They’re too small to read. But for regular epubs, you can modify the point size of the font, and the display is very clear.



One thought on “book review: pandemonium, and my new e-reader!

  1. That is very pricey for an ebook, Leanna! I usually refuse to pay more than £3.99 for an ebook in UK so I know how you feel. You can’t do anything or give it to someone else when you finish reading so you might as well buy it in paperback or borrow it from the library. Glad you are enjoying your ereader. I still use e-apps because if I buy kindle I will desert my paperbacks and I really don’t want to do that. Happy reading!

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