book review: light

Light (Gone, #6)Light by Michael Grant

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

******PLEASE NOTE that this review is full of spoilers — do not read unless you’ve finished the series! If you have finished, I’d love to discuss the books with you *****

It’s so hard to say goodbye!!!

What can I really say about this book? It’s been an incredible journey into the FAYZ, and I grew to love so many characters. I hated Michael Grant more each time he let one of my favourites die, and yet I wouldn’t have enjoyed the grittiness of the story if everyone came out unscathed.

I wanted to take off one star from my rating because Little Pete didn’t survive. I only had two demands from this series: that neither Little Pete or Patrick (Lana’s dog) would die. Well, thanks Michael Grant- at least in one of the Aftermath chapters we hear that Patrick’s still around!

Seriously though, I couldn’t give this book any lower than a 5 star rating. It wasn’t entirely without fault – see above, and also I found some of the wrap-up to work out a bit too easily (i.e. how no one ends up having to go to jail… Sam is emancipated and he, Astrid, and -surprisingly- Diana can live on their own… as sixteen year olds). Yet the book as a whole was just the perfect ending to this series. We’d gone through so much with these kids since Gone, and I was almost hesitant to start reading this (almost, but the desire to dive back into the FAYZ won) because I didn’t want to be disappointed by some crappy ending. Clearly, I didn’t have to worry.

This book was just as adventure-filled as the first book, which was my other favourite of the series. We get lots of answers to some ongoing mysteries, and we get some previously unlikeable characters changing into quite heroic figures (Orc, I’m talking about you!!)

I’m really looking forward to a re-read of the series, as I don’t think I can let these characters go just yet.

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