book review: requiem

Requiem (Delirium, #3)Requiem by Lauren Oliver

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was probably my favourite book in the trilogy. Let me tell you why:

– Hana and Lena were wonderful in the first book, and I missed Hana in the second one. It was so cool reading the chapters told from her perspective, seeing how even people who have had “the cure” are still able to retain some emotions. Her story in this book was interesting and terrible… the situation with her impending marriage brought some more tension into the story, and I really enjoyed seeing how Hana continued to rebel, even in small ways.

– Alex. Alexalexalex! He’s back!! I was never pro-Julian, so it was nice not to have Julian be the focus of this entire book. Yes, love-triangle (in a way), but still. Alex.

– The way the book was told all in the present-time was a relief after Pandemonium, which shifted back and forth from “then” to “now”. It was much easier to follow the story, and I found the pacing to be excellent in this book. I read it all in almost one sitting, it was that addictive!

– The entire story comes to a believable conclusion, yet the end leaves things open for the reader to imagine “what happens next”. Everything is not tied up prettily, but rather we see that Lena’s journey is just beginning.

I found the entire series to be well-written and fun, but this final book and the first one were my two favourites. Definitely worth a re-read in the future!

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