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Hello! I’m going through a bit of a phase with my reading… I can’t seem to stick to any book in particular, and it’s because they’re all so good!! Seriously I’m overwhelmed with my “to-be-read” list on GoodReads. And since discovering the free online reads on, in addition to the e-books NetGalley is providing me (I only requested so many because I didn’t think all the requests would be accepted!), there’s a plethora of stories demanding my attention. And here they are:


Chantress is the current free read on (’til May 12th).  It just came out in hardcover yesterday, so it’s pretty cool to get the chance to sneak a read so early on! It’s set in the 1600s, but seems to be in an alternate world where singing is outlawed (I think it’s a form of magic). Pros: a magical atmosphere/vibe that is engaging. Cons: the 1600s are typically a bit early for me. I prefer later time periods, but the language in this book is accessible and not stuffy. I’m only 6% in, so I can’t really say much more.

fatal likeness

A Fatal Likeness is available on NetGalley. It’s the second in a series, which I didn’t know when I requested it. But I’m almost halfway done and I haven’t had any issues with not knowing the backstory of Charles Maddox, the main character. The story is an imagining of possible events in the lives of Mary Shelley, Percy Shelley, and Lord Byron. I know next to nothing about any of them, other than knowing some of their works. I can’t say I’m a big fan of poetry and I never felt interested in Frankenstein. This book however is holding my attention. I’ve recently read, or started reading, some pretty cheesy and not-so-well-written young adult books, so this one is a breath of fresh air. The writing is meticulous and lovely, not a grammatical error to be found (a relief after some brutal ARCs). I love a good mystery, and this is impressive. The timeline shifts from present to past, and the events surrounding a possible murder are slowly unfolding. Loving it.


Quicksilver is legit. I mean, I bought this baby in hardcover the minute it came out. The companion to Ultraviolet, how am I not already done reading this?? Well, it’s kind of hard for me to rush through it. I read Ultraviolet in one day, in one sitting, last summer. I don’t want to accidentally read this one too quickly- I really want to savour it. So incredibly irked though: I got Ultraviolet signed IN PERSON when R.J. Anderson was at my local library. When I bought this one, I was like: aw man, too bad it’s not signed. About a week later, in the very same bookstore I just purchased my copy from, I saw a stack — A STACK — of autographed copies of this. I mean, what the? How did I grab a non-signed copy? Grr. Anyways, parts of the chapters in this are divided into sections by binary code. And there’s physics and engineering… loving it!!

whats left of me

What’s Left Of Me is making me think! It’s a dystopian set in an alternate world where every body contains two souls at birth, and by about age 5, one of the souls takes over and the other… disappears. This story is about what happens to someone when the second soul doesn’t disappear. How can the non-dominant one, the one that’s forced to hide in the background and has no control over their body or voice, survive?? It’s gripping so far, I’ll tell you. Reminiscent in a way of The Host, in that there’s a lot of internal battles. (But in this book, one of the two “minds” isn’t an alien…) I got this from the library in the town where I work. Because yes, I belong to the library there too now! Can there ever be enough access to free books?? No. Never.

What are you reading currently?


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