book review: revel

RevelRevel by Maurissa Guibord

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

3.5 stars for the sea monsters!

This book was unexpected in many ways. The beautiful watery cover and cheesy back cover blurb warning of the dangers of Trespass Island didn’t prepare me for what I found in this book: a creepy adventure with sea monsters galore!

When Delia attempts to leave home in search of the grandmother she’s never met, she doesn’t expect Trespass Island. First of all, it’s not on any maps or ferry routes. When she finally arrives, she’s met with Wicker Man-like creepy natives, warning her: “we don’t have visitors on the island”. The first mention of something dangerous and not-quite-right quickly hinted to me that this wasn’t going to be the mermaid book I was sort of expecting. With interest, I discovered that the dangers of Trespass Island lay in the age-old pact the islanders had with the First Ones, descendants of Poseidon and the like.

Delia is then thrown into the islanders’ secluded lifestyle, and she slowly comes to discover the truth about the First Ones. There is, of course, a sort of love-triangle, or at least two possible love interests for Delia. I have to admit- I’m all about Jax all the way. Human-like sea god, with gills and all- I still found him infinitely more interesting than the other boy, who made such a little impression on me that I can’t remember his name. (Sean?)

The surprising truth about the Revel ‘festival’ is also slowly revealed, and then the book quickly spirals into some battles, a kidnapping, another battle, and some intrigue. The ending felt a bit abrupt to me, and I see there’s no mention of a sequel, which I find a bit puzzling. Certain interesting developments don’t occur until almost the very end of the book, and I was expecting a “to be continued” or something, hinting that we’d get more information in a forthcoming sequel. As is, the story kept me interested, and made me much less likely to swim in any open water in the near future! It wasn’t amazing by any means, but it’s a fairly enjoyable summer-ish read.

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