book review: quicksilver

Quicksilver (Ultraviolet, #2)Quicksilver by R.J. Anderson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed the companion book to Ultraviolet. While I found Ultraviolet to be a book that kept me turning pages until I finished it in one sitting, there wasn’t a huge amount of mystery or tension in this book, which may be why it took me longer to read.

Told from the perspective of Tori, the alien girl who was zapped to a spaceship and presumed killed in the first book, Quicksilver alternates between the story of what happened while Alison, Tori, and Sebastian were escaping from Mathis, and the present-day when Tori and her family leave their lives and take on new identities hoping to escape those who want to harm her.

Sebastian wasn’t in the book nearly enough for my taste, but I was glad to read more about him even in the few scenes he was in. Tori/Niki as a character was interesting: she had a strong scientific background, which is unusual in a female young adult character. I loved it – coming from a physics background it’s really pleasing to read about a super-smart gal who loves science, and can out-solder the men at the Makerspace. Tori is also interesting because she’s not human, yet she is experiencing extremely human situations (i.e. having a boy who starts to turn into something different than just a friend). The ‘romance’ in this book was quite unique, and it was nice not to have the main characters falling head over heels in an instant.

The overall plot in this book was good- there was a sense of adventure and a task that had to be accomplished. The ending was absolutely wonderful. The decision Tori makes was unexpected, but I loved that the book had the confidence to have characters make sacrifices, and not everything was shiny and perfect at the end.

If you like your YA fiction with a twist of aliens and two dashes of science and electronics, you’ll love this book.

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