book review: the winter witch

The Winter WitchThe Winter Witch by Paula Brackston

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I read this while at the cottage, and it was the absolute perfect thing. I finished it in one day, it was that good!

The book blurb hooked me, and I was already excited to read this. But when I saw it at the library during my “grab some books to take on holiday” trip, I wasn’t sure it would be a great cottage read. It was!

Morgana, the book’s narrator (for most of it) and one of the main characters, doesn’t speak. At all. We can of course read her thoughts, which is why most of the book is told from her point of view, but she doesn’t communicate using speech with any of the other characters. In itself, that was already a unique hook. Then add a romance that’s wonderful, and the fact that Morgana can do magic, and well- you’ve got a book that was written for me to enjoy!

The story starts off when Morgana leaves her ailing mother to marry Cai Jenkins. The marriage was arranged hastily in order for Cai to hold his position as head drover (it’s assumed that any man who doesn’t have a wife to come home to won’t bother to return, so all head drovers must be married). Morgana is confused as to why anyone would choose her for their wife- since she hasn’t spoken a word in years, and also is trying to hide the fact that she has witch-like powers.

But we soon get to read some chapters told from an omniscient perspective, and are privy to Cai’s thoughts and feelings towards Morgana. One of the best things about this book was the way the romance unfolded slowly. It wasn’t instant attraction, and in fact it takes much of the beginning of the book before the two main characters come to terms with their feelings for each other.

I was hooked by the romance, and I was hooked by the magic. I loved the twists and turns as we discovered more about the characters’ motives and true personalities. Morgana was a great heroine, and there were some admirable villains for her to stand up to.

Overall, this was a super love story. It was truly “enchanting and magical” as the book jacket promised. It’s my first book by Paula Brackston, but I definitely want to read more!

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