book review: through her eyes

Through Her EyesThrough Her Eyes by Jennifer Archer

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this ghost story. It takes place in a small town in Texas, where Tansy, her horror-book-writing mother, and her grandfather have just moved.

Tansy’s grandfather grew up in this small town, and her mother has brought the three of them there in order to get the atmosphere right for her latest novel. Tansy’s moved around so often that she’s used to being the new girl, the outsider, but this is such a small, close-knit community that she feels even more awkward than usual.

The one thing that keeps her motivated is taking photos. However, after discovering an old pocketwatch and notebook full of poems belonging to a boy around her age who supposedly killed himself in the 1930s, Tansy discovers that she can somehow enter the past through her photos and begins to experience life through another girl’s eyes.

As Isabel, she meets her grandfather as a young man, as well as the mysterious Henry- writer of the poems she found. Tansy begins to try to unravel the mystery surrounding Henry’s death, and wonders if she wouldn’t be better off staying in Henry’s world, rather than returning to the present-day and her imperfect life.

The atmosphere in this book was great. The way that Tansy could move between past and present through the photos, and see things in black and white through the camera lens, was really cool. I enjoyed the unique way that her two worlds began to impact each other, and how it was unclear whether Tansy was in fact crazy, or whether she actually experienced Henry’s ghostly presence, and his world.

It was a quick, but enjoyable read. I’d recommend it to those looking for a good ghostly tale.

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