I like waking up to fresh coffee in the (not-too-early) morning. I dislike seeing an ‘Oprah’s book club’ stamp on a book. I like paper and fonts and teapots and knitting, and I dislike garbage and radio-people’s voices and when the library closes early. Welcome to my blog xo

Q: {What is a Bird on a Pencil?}

A: Bird on a Pencil came into being when I was trying to think of a name for my blog, and I asked Himself if he had any ideas. I love birds, and I love to draw & write. So he said “What about Bird on a Pencil?” And although I’m Canadian, I have heard “bird”  used as British slang for woman (sort of like the North American use of “chick,” I imagine!) So it’s like I’m a gal with a pencil… only a bird… yep. It makes a lot of sense, no?

{PS: I drew the bird on a pencil that appears as my avatar}


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Stumbled upon your blog via a random google alert (was looking out for mentions of knitting as my sister has just set up a hand knit design company and I am helping her – http://www.millamia.com if you are interested!) and just wanted to say how beautiful and funny your posts are. by the way i can highly recommend the Domestic Goddess book – mine is almost worn out as i use it so much. it is fabulous – a brilliant investment! Katarina

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