book review: under the dome

Under the DomeUnder the Dome by Stephen King

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sweet sassy molassy this was a long read. (That phrase is one I stole from Secret Pizza Party)

Anyways, the most surprising thing about this book, for me, is that I actually teared up at the end. I was really not expecting that. Another thing I wasn’t expecting was that I’d be rooting for a religious crackpot meth addict. Live and learn.

I started reading this book after having already watched several episodes of the TV series. What I found when I started, which anyone both reading and watching will already know, was that: the TV show they made is NOT like this book very much at all.

Within the first hundred pages or so, a bunch of characters I was still seeing in the show had already died. So that was a bit different. Once I accepted that the book was not going to neatly parallel what I was seeing on TV, I set out to enjoying this story on its own merit.

The basic plotline, a small town in Maine getting unexpectedly sealed in by a mysterious Dome, wasn’t that crazy to me – I’m already a huge fan of the GONE series, which also features a Dome. The best part of this book was trying to figure out why this had happened, and how the people of Chester’s Mill could possibly survive it.

There was a lot of small-towny descriptions, and people just generally towning around. I found the pacing to be fairly steady throughout, with spurts of dramatic shoot-outs and other gruesome deaths showing up every once in a while. Gory descriptions abounded, as did some quite frankly disgusting details about dead bodies and the pieces thereof. Thanks Stephen, haha. I suppose I knew what I was getting myself into, so I can’t complain. But I can say: gross.

I actually liked the way the narrative was laid out. Omniscient, so we could have everyone’s varied perspectives (including Horace, the corgi), and sometimes the removed perspective of an observer outside the story. I enjoyed the bits of narration where the author addressed the reader, asking us to observe with him a particular scene. I liked the random bits of humour interjected- like when one character asked another if they’d seen the movie The Mist. The dialogue was also fairly realistic.

Overall, though it was a long, slow read (and it put me 8 books behind in my reading challenge – gah!) I did like the book. Thankfully there’s resolution in the end, so you don’t end up having read 1000+ pages and not finding out what actually caused the Dome. It wasn’t what I was expecting at the beginning of the book, but I do feel that things were explained well, and made sense in the end. And yes, by the end of it all, damned if I wasn’t crying for Ollie Dinsmore and Sloppy Sam.

If you’re enjoying the TV series, or just think the idea of a small town trapped under a Dome might be interesting, I’d recommend giving this book a try. 3.5 stars overall!

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under the dome: thoughts so far

At almost exactly halfway through Stephen King’s massive Under the Dome, I have a few observations to make so far.

  • apparently when they decided to make this book into a TV series (I started watching this before getting into the book) the only things they decided to keep from the book were: some characters’ names, and the dome. Seriously people, a ton of the TV show characters were already DEAD within the first 100 pages of this book. What the? 
  • but, I am really enjoying the way the book’s unfolding. It’s nice to be surprised, and not just “oh yeah, I remember this from the TV show” while reading.
  • there are some GROSS descriptions. Am I surprised? No. It’s Stephen King. I wasn’t expecting lovely descriptions of the smell of freshly baked cookies. But still – the guy can be GROSS. Especially in describing dead bodies, and the odors thereof.
  • so far, even at the halfway mark, there is no indication of  what caused the mysterious dome. Will we ever find out? I’m not sure if I’d like an ambiguous ending, but I’ll have to wait and find out.
  • BIG JIM is pretty much exactly the same as in the show. They actually cast that guy really well, I feel. 
  • pink stars ARE falling in lines. That is all. (haha)

Wish me luck finishing this by Friday, which is when I have to return the book to the library, unless I’m able to renew it for another few weeks. I’m 3 books behind my Goodreads reading goal for the year, and I blame this book being so long!! 

weekend loves

Hi there! Long time no post…

Just a quick little “currently” to catch up with you.

{Current reads}

let the sky fall drawing of the three the essence

Let The Sky Fall : I just started this, but have to finish before the 14th, because I’m reading it online for free! Check out this site – Simon & Schuster relaunched their teen reads site, and now adults can join. They post excerpts from new releases, and occasionally – like in the case of this book – they post a link where you can read the entire book for free, for a limited time!! Can’t really go wrong with that. And I love my teen fiction, heehee. So anyways, what’s it about? Wind elementals, a.k.a sylphs. Super cool, and very different. I’m enjoying it lots.

The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three : Apparently I read Stephen King now! Haha, who knew? Well, I’m not going to rush out and pick up copies of, say, The Shining… (horror and I don’t mix) but actually, I’ve always been intrigued by what I’ve seen/heard regarding his fantasy series The Dark Tower. So I got the first book, The Gunslinger, from the library. And at first, I was unimpressed. I even considered stopping without finishing (this was in the first third of the book). It seemed like a weird western… not at all what I was expecting or hoping for.

But then! The book took a turn for the AMAZING, when it transitioned into an incredible epic story. I’m talking- there are parallel worlds, micro/macroscopic universes, and a far-future that is oddly similar to our medieval times. Yep. It hooked me! I’d say the last few chapters were incredible. So, upon finishing that one, I decided I’d keep going with the rest of the series. And- book 2, here we are!

This second one is completely different from the first so far, but I still like it. More Roland!

Oh, and PS- the postscript written by Stephen King was hilarious- he was writing about how most of the questions you have upon finishing the book don’t even have answers yet. Despite his odd, cat-like appearance, and the fact that he makes zillions of dollars from books that I feel may be mediocre (not having read them, I can’t completely judge, however… I do) I kind of get his appeal.

The Essence (The Pledge Book II) : I started this a while back, then had some eye issues when my focus was all messed up so I had a hard time reading books… so here we are. Somewhat disappointed that I purchased the hardcover of this, because since then my library has purchased a copy. I don’t own the first book, so why I did this still baffles me. Anyways, so far the second book isn’t as impressive as the first. Less romance, less excitement. A bit more intrigue, so I have hope. I want to finish this soon!

{Current music}

Still songza-ing it up and discovering more new indie bands. And in the car I’m listening to Mumford and Sons. My two favourite songs currently are: Winter Winds, and Roll Away Your Stone.

{Current food}

Nutella is haunting me. I managed to consume an entire jar in a week. However, despite this addiction, I’m also experimenting with this anti-inflammatory food pyramid. Seriously though? That is a lot of beans/legumes. My tub of hummus can only go so far. But interestingly, Himself and I have discovered a liking for basmati rice (the recommended rice!) Also, I haven’t yet quite figured out how to interpret “unlimited quantities of asian mushrooms”. Hah.

{Current wishlist}

I’ve been updating my pinterest style board with tons of coral, navy, and mint for spring. I covet this necklace like no tomorrow, however upon visiting the neiman marcus website I’ve discovered it is $2065.00 so…. unlikely. Haha. But I bet I could find something similar on etsy!

I’ve also still got my eye on a rose gold watch like this one, but am waiting for a super deal to come up. The batteries in my current watch seem to be operating whimsically (i.e. it can take 2 hours for 2 minutes to go by, according to the watch) so it may be time to just cash up and invest in a nice new one that will last. What do you think? Do you buy cheap watches every so often, or invest in one quality watch?


That’s about it for my currently. Work is going well – I love my new coworkers – and it’s refreshing to not be worrying about whether my hours will be reduced. We’re having super rainy weather right now, but it’s warming up. I love spring.

I’m off to do a bit more reading! xo